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Some of the biggest businesses are computer hardware companies, IBM, Microsoft and Apple for example, but knowing how to spec your requirements, which system to buy in the first place and then maintain can be a daunting prospect. Our subscribers below can help you with regular support or small repairs and even help you choose a large commercial network.

Our suppliers will rent you an iPad - you didn't expect that now did you? Or you can hire anything from a vast array of iMacs PCs and work stations. Get them repaired, modified, expanded or upgraded. Get computers for home, office or workplace. Find a supplier of toughened laptops which will survive when they fall down the manhole you were working in or from the pole you were climbing up. Get a better screen, ask if LED is better than LCD, what is screen resolution? Wireless connectivity, motherboard, a NIC, CPU, GPU, MHz, HDD, ROM and other complicated stuff - there will be someone listed here who knows all the answers, just scroll down...

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UK Computer Companies:

HP Laptop Screen
Leading supplier of HP laptop screens and replacement available. Also offer HP laptop Screen repair service.



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